Short Underwater Clips

Sea Lions playing with scuba divers off the coast of La Paz, Mexico

Social distancing, quarantine, and isolation has forced me to clear out my DVR, clean my crib and organize some of my digital files.

Going through a lot of digital files has brought back a lot of great memories from a few spectacular dives.

The clip above is from my first trip to La Paz, Mexico. My dive buddies and I traveled there to specifically dive with Sea Lions. The Youtube clip above contain two moments; The first was shot by my friend Paul. I thought one of my dive buddies was toying with me during the dive but it was actually a young Sea Lion. The second shot was filmed by me. I was able capture another young Sea Lion catching a ride on one of my dive buddies. She had no clue there was a Sea Lion holding on to her tank until the end.


Sea Turtles are underrated in my opinion. Scientist estimate that Sea Turtles have been on Earth for over 220 million years. This means they have shared the planet with dinosaurs and survived climate change that eventually killed the dinosaurs. Below are two cool moments I was able to capture in Indonesia and Ecuador.


Here are a few cool encounters with sharks along two different reef systems in Belize and Ecuador.

Unique Creatures

One of the reasons I love scuba diving is that you have the chance to see uncommon creatures underwater and unique behaviors.

I shot these images over several years using the following equipment: Gopro Hero 4 Silver, Gopro Hero 6 Black, Gopro Hero 8 Black, Sealife DC1400 and Sealife DC2000. My current underwater camera set up can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Short Underwater Clips

  1. I LOVE it! We were supposed to have been in La Paz a couple of weeks ago, but the world came to an end and locked everyone up inside instead. We got to dive with a sea lion in Catalina, CA a few years ago. it was so cool! Stay safe and stay well.

      1. It is very cool there. There are the big giant kelp gardens, sea lions, garibaldi by the ton, but what’s really neat is you can see where the warm water meets the cold water by the change in colors. Catalina is such a neat place anyway. The main diving there is right next to the Casino, which was an old theater.

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