Turtle on reef

Atlantis Azores – Bohol – Image Report

I spent an amazing two weeks on the Atlantis properties in the Philippines. The first week we lodged at the resort in Dumaguete and the second week aboard the Azores liveaboard. Underwater video’s and photograph’s from the first week can be found here along with a short review.

The Azores accommodates about 16 divers. I found the boat to have a lot of public space including camera station, hot tub, showers, etc. However, I thought the cabins were pretty tight, well at least the cabin I was assigned.

We dived about 4-5 times per day and we spent one morning snorkeling with Whale Sharks.

Scuba Diving off the Azores Liveaboard

This was my fist time using a Gopro Hero 4 Silver and editing in iMovie. Also, this was the first liveboard I’ve been on.

Whale Sharks – Cebu, Philippines

Images below were captured with a SeaLife DC1400 underwater camera.

Underwater Photo Journal

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