Scuba Hank NYC in diving in Costa Rica

Okeanos I Aggressor – Caño Island – Review

Isla del Caño is a marine reserve located off the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica near the Osa Penisula. The Okeanos I Aggressor transported us to this lovely underwater national park from Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Isla del Caño – Hightlights

Resident Manta Rays

Nearly every morning we were greeted by a small family of Manta Ray’s that made use of the cleaning station in Drakes Bay.

During the week of diving, we encountered many large schools of fish. The tidal swings can fluctuate quickly on the pacific coast making scuba diving conditions extremely unique. On some dives the schools were so large and dense I couldn’t even see my buddy.

Schooling Fish – Caño Island

A few more highlights from Costa Rica

The other divers aboard were great to talk to in between dives and also fantastic divers. Here’s a link to the Captain’s report.

Below the Manta cleaning station, we also observed the resident Whitetip Reef Sharks. During the day the sharks rest and later become active in the night.

Resident Whitetip Reef Sharks

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