Pretty Fishies and Our Dive Club Meetings

Pretty Fishies presented at the New York Underwater Photography Society (NYUPS)

I belong to a local scuba diving club called the NYC Sea Gypsies. Under normal conditions, the club along with a sub-group focused on underwater photography and videography meet once a month. Both events are hosted for free at various restaurants and/or bars in NYC. Anyone can join our meetings without being a member. Annual membership is only $20. This membership donation allows divers to participate in club dive trips and holiday party.

Like many other places in the world, life in NYC has not been normal. Nearly everything is disrupted due to Coronavirus. Over the last few weeks, our club has been hosting virtual meetings via Zoom. Similar to our normal meetings, anyone can join. Meetings are generally posted in advance on the clubs Facebook page. During our quarantine the club has organized dive trivia nights and presentations from Bernie Chowdhury, Dr. David Charash, and Jennifer Idol. The speakers discussed subjects such as recognition and management of dive emergencies, scuba diving all 50 states in the US and also shared a few underwater snippets and stories.

Our sub-group called the New York Underwater Photographic Society (NYUPS) met virtually this week to share our underwater images. Since everyone is in lockdown and not scuba diving our theme was “Pretty Fishies”. There are no requirements to showing images. Everyone is invited to show their underwater images. My fellow members presented a wide range of colorful fish.

I submitted the short video clip above. My underwater video consists of short clips of Sweetlips, Surgeonfish, Wrasses, Pufferfish, Catfish, Cardinalfish and Anemonefish. I shot the images over several years and at various locations. All of the clips were captured with either a Gopro Hero 6 or 8.

This was not my first time presenting to the group. I have been a member for several years. Here are a few links to other underwater videos I have presented during our NYUPS meetings.

Blue Moments

Compact Moments

I presented this black and white underwater video in October 2018.

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