Observing Spotted Eagle Rays

The Spotted Eagle Ray is one of my favorite in the ray family. Spotted Eagle Rays are one of the most distinctive species of rays due to the white spots and ring across their dorsal surface and triangular disc or “wings”. Continue reading Observing Spotted Eagle Rays

Pretty Fishies and Our Dive Club Meetings

I belong to a local scuba diving club called the NYC Sea Gypsies. Under normal conditions, the club along with a sub-group focused on underwater photography and videography meet once a month. Both events are hosted for free at various restaurants and/or bars in NYC. Continue reading Pretty Fishies and Our Dive Club Meetings

Short Underwater Clips

Social distancing, quarantine, and isolation has forced me to clear out my DVR, clean my crib and organize some of my digital files. Going through a lot of digital files has brought back a lot of great memories from a … Continue reading Short Underwater Clips