Scuba divers in cenotes Tajma Ha in Mexico

Underwater Camera Set-Up

scuba diver with camera

Here’s my current underwater camera rig.

Underwater Camera Set-Up

I continue to use my Gopro Hero 8 for wider angle shots and as a backup. It is attached to the Nauticam housing with a Sealife Cold Shoe Mount.

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Wetsuit & Rash Guards

  • Sea Gods Tuxedo Wetsuit
  • My Old Underwater Camera Set-Up

    black scuba diver holding sealife camera

    Before 2020, I used a Sealife camera for primarily photographs and captured video with a Gopro. I typically used the Gopro Hero 8 Black during the day and the Gopro Hero 4 Silver at night or on macro focused dives.

    The picture above shows my old Sealife and Gopro Hero 6, after the image was taken I upgraded to the Gopro Hero 8. The above photography was taken while scuba diving off the Oman Aggressor by Shaker Mohamed, Cruise Director.

    When shooting smaller subjects, I used Backscatter’s Flip Filters 55mm +15 MacroMate Mini and a Gopro. I do not use this combination since I purchased the Panasonic GH5. For lighting, I typically use two (2500 lumen) video lights which has remained constant between the old and new systems.

    Feel to message with any questions about the various underwater camera system I have used.

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    1. Really great informations! Thanks! In June I´ll go to Socorro. And it´s the first journey with a little more photo equipment with two flashes. I´ll check my equipment with your informations – all the best and happy new year – Stephan

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