black scuba diver holding sealife camera

Underwater Camera Set-Up

The image above is what my underwater camera set-up looks like on a typical dive. I’m currently using a Sealife camera to take all of my underwater photo’s. For underwater video, I have installed a Gopro Hero in the Sealife’s cold shoe mount. I typically use the Gopro Hero 8 Black during the day and the Gopro Hero 4 Silver at night or on macro focused dives. (The picture above shows my old Gopro Hero 6, I recently upgraded to the Gopro Hero 8). When shooting smaller subjects, I generally use Backscatter’s Flip Filters 55mm +15 MacroMate Mini. For lighting, I typically use two (2500 lumen) video lights.

The above photography was taken while scuba diving off the Oman Aggressor by Shaker Mohamed, Cruise Director.

  • Sealife Flex-Connect  Dual Tray, Flex Arms
  • Lacie Rugged Portable 1TB
  • Manfrotto Pro Light MultiPro 120 Camera Backpack
  • Gear Keeper Deluxe Camera/Lights Snap Locking Retractor