Diving the Coral Coast of Fiji


Viti Levu is the largest island in the Republic of Fiji. The island is about 91 miles long and 66 miles wide, covering over 4,000 square miles. The island is so large and diverse that I had to divide my dive trip into two parts.

On the first leg of my trip, I dived on the “Sun Coast,” and on the second leg of the trip, I dived on the “Coral Coast.”

Scuba diving between Sigatoka and Pacific Harbour in Fiji

Each side of the island presents unique opportunities to observe sea life. The “Sun Coast” hosts many small fish, with occasional sightings of turtles and juvenile sharks. The “Coral Coast” hosts a large population of adult sharks, beautiful coral, and a large and diverse fish population.

The underwater video above highlights dive sites between Sigatoka and Pacific Harbour on the “Coral Coast.”

I’ll post clips from the first week of diving shortly.

After scuba diving on both sides of the island, I would say both sides of the island are equally wonderful. And if you have time, I recommend spending two weeks on the island diving on each side.

Note, it takes about two and a half hours to travel by car from one side of the island to the other.

I used Waidroka Bay Resort’s on-premise dive shop.


3 thoughts on “Diving the Coral Coast of Fiji

  1. I’ve only had one experience with Fiji, back when I was still a newbie. The thing I remember most after all these years is the soft corals. Just beautiful, and back in those days, abundant. I don’t see them in your video above – maybe in a different spot?

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    1. In my opinion, the coral was healthier and more colorful on the “sun coast” side of the island. However in this video, we were diving more of the pinnacles and walls to escape the current being pushed in from an approaching storm.

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