Crocodilefish and Turtle

This was a super cool moment!

I was diving along a sea wall in front of an island called Bunaken. Sitting on a ledge was a resting Sea Turtle with two Remoras on its shell. As I positioned to take the photo, a Crocodilefish quickly jumped into the frame. It caught me off guard as it lunged itself into my picture.

Crocodilefish are masters of camouflage, and they easily blend in with their environment. Their appearance helps them ambush their prey.

Below I used a color mask to reduce the colors around the Crocodilefish and Turtle to make it easier to see.

Crocodilefish, turtle and remoras in siladen indonesia

A closer view of a Crocodilefish.

Crocodilefish near Bunaken in north sulawesi indonesia.

Bunaken is located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.


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