Day 2 Diving Haddhunmathi Atoll

Another fun day of scuba diving logged in the books. Today I am pretty much adjusted to the new time zone and over jet lag.

We dived three sites – Pink Thila, Haleema Haa and Hithadhoo Corner. The first two dives were executed in the morning after breakfast and we were back by lunch time. After lunch, we rested for a bit and then executed the third dive of the day. All three dives were spectacular! I was memorized by the copious amounts of coral boomies that host tons of small and colorful fish.

Visibility was more than 100ft during the first two dives. For the third dive, we went to look for Manta Rays again. However, the weather changed a bit – visibility diminished and still no Manta Rays.

We will try again tomorrow for Mantas!

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