World Manta Day 2022

Manta Rays off the coast of Costa Rica.

Happy World Manta Day 2022!

Manta Rays are majestical creatures! They are so graceful as the move through the water column. I have been very fortunate to see Manta Rays at several locations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Manta Rays are the world’s largest ray. Some Manta Rays have wingspans of up to 29 feet and can weigh over 5,000 pounds.

The video above was one of my first encounters. A couple of friends and I traveled to an island off the coast of Costa Rica called Isla del Caño. There is a family of Manta Rays that inhabit the area. It is almost guaranteed you will see them every morning.

Many scientist consider Manta Rays to be an endangered species. And they need protection for many reasons. They are often fatally hit by vessels or caught as by-catch. Manta Rays have extremely slow reproduction rates. Female Manta’s reach maturity between 8-10 years and only give birth once every couple of years.

The Manta Trust charity has been doing a lot to fund research and strengthen conservation efforts.

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