Water Water Everywhere – Anilao

Getting Ready To Scuba Dive!

Boat View of Channel

Getting ready for another adventure. I’m in the center of the “muck” diving capital of the world.

Here’s an image I captured before our first dive off the coast of Anilao in the Philippines.

Scuba diving operations provided by Crystal Blue Scuba Diving Resort.

Thanks to Jez for the daily inspiration and challenges.

Underwater images to follow!

3 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere – Anilao

  1. Wow, the colours are amazing & although the shot is of quite a small area, there is a real feel of vast openess from the sky; great capture, Hank 😃

  2. And here I thought the muck diving capital was in Indonesia. I did do some diving not far from there a number of years back. It was based out of Sabang Beach, across the Verde Island passage from Batangas. Good diving around there.

    1. The entire region is amazing. I’m quite surprised and happy with the creatures I’m observing. There’s a wide range of Nudibranch, Octopus, Rhinopias, Frogfish, etc.

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