Tiger Shark with a Dislocated Jaw

Tiger Shark Zoo, Fuvahmulah, Maldives

Today is our fourth day diving the dive site appropriately named Tiger Shark Zoo. Each day visibility has improved and we are seeing more and more unique sharks. It’s now easy to identify unique scares, cuts, spots, etc.

We were not disappointed today but extremely saddened. There was one unique Tiger Shark that displayed a dislocated jaw. The dive team concluded that the sharks jaw dislocation was mostly likely the result of the shark getting caught in a fishing line. There are also a few fishing hooks that are still embedded into its jaw. The team also noted the shark was very skinny when it first appeared at the site and over time the shark has learned how to eat again.

The dive shop sponsors shark researchers (mostly university grad students) and collectively they have been maintaining a data base of the Tiger Shark encounter at the dive site. A sample of their database can be found on Fuvahmulah Dive.

Tiger Shark Zoo – Day 3

Tiger Shark Zoo – Day 2

Tiger Shark Zoo – Day 1

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