Six Days Diving Egypt


This is a short 2 minute compilation of scuba dives executed over 6 days in the Red Sea. Myself and a group of scuba diving professionals were aboard the Heaven Saphir. The scuba diving liveaboard is based out of a port in Hurghada, Egypt.

We first headed south to Safaga for a few check out dives to make sure everyone’s gear was in order. We then headed north to Ras Mohammed National Marine Park and later in the week we visited the legendary SS Thistlegorm shipwreck.

The week was filled with a wide variety of marine life. I enjoyed the dives in the north, we visited a few interesting shipwrecks and observed captivating animal behaviors.

This was my second dive trip to the Red Sea. The first trip was to the south diving from Port Ghalib, Egypt. I preferred diving in the south. This is just my opinion – I think there’s a greater amount of coral and larger fish populations in the south. Nonetheless, first time divers will be amazed regardless if they are diving in the north or south. Here’s a link to my first dive trip to Egypt.

Here’s a link to the ship we used which designed specific for scuba divers –

Here’s another link to more images from the Red Sea.

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