Blue-Spotted Stingray

Just after dawn, the team descended on a shipwreck off the coast of Egypt. While other scuba divers immediate dashed in to explore the shipwreck. I noticed a few of Blue-Spotted Stingrays patrolling the ocean floor around the shipwreck. One stingray was followed by a number of fish along with the Lizardfish.

I love this clip because you can see the Stingray try to push the Lizardfish away. The Lizardfish holds his or her ground.

More images from Egypt can be found below.

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    1. That’s a super hard question to answer. It depends on what I would like to see… I like Indonesia and Philippines when it come to small critters. The Maldives and Mexico (Pacific side) are great for larger animals – like sharks. There are so many great places to dive in the world.

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      1. Very true. We dive mostly in the Caribbean, but we have dived many other places too. Cozumel is by far our favorite place to go, at least for now, 🙂 We are planning on another trip to Bonaire in early September.

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