Blue-Spotted Stingray

Just after dawn, the team descended on a shipwreck off the coast of Egypt. While other scuba divers immediate dashed in to explore the shipwreck. I noticed a few of Blue-Spotted Stingrays patrolling the ocean floor around the shipwreck. One stingray was followed by a number of fish along with the Lizardfish.

I love this clip because you can see the Stingray try to push the Lizardfish away. The Lizardfish holds his or her ground.

More images from Egypt can be found below.

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    1. That’s a super hard question to answer. It depends on what I would like to see… I like Indonesia and Philippines when it come to small critters. The Maldives and Mexico (Pacific side) are great for larger animals – like sharks. There are so many great places to dive in the world.

      1. Cozumel is great. I’ve been there a bunch of times but I still haven’t seen the Splendid Toadfish which is endemic to Cozumel.

      2. Very true. We dive mostly in the Caribbean, but we have dived many other places too. Cozumel is by far our favorite place to go, at least for now, 🙂 We are planning on another trip to Bonaire in early September.

      3. Maybe, I still have a few trips that I booked before covid. I need to clear those first since they have my either full payment or a deposit.

      4. Where are you going? We will be staying at the DIVI. My husband will probably book it this weekend. I will let you know more details as we make them if you are interested. 🙂

      5. I’ve stayed at the Divi once. It’s a nice hotel and dive shop. I like its proximity to town.

        I’ve got trips to the Philippines and Indonesia lined up.

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