Beneath The Sea, Sea Gypsies and NYUPS

Blue Moment Presented at NYC Sea Gypsies booth at Beneath the Sea

Beneath the Sea is the premier international dive, travel and oceans exposition in the US. It’s held annually at the Meadowlands Expo Center just outside of NYC. BTS overall mission is to provide continuing education to the recreational diver community, educate the public in the benefits of protecting the ocean environment, and support ocean and environment related project and charities.

Exhibitors from around the world come BTS to promote dive products and scuba diving destinations. Also, a few local dive clubs have booths at BTS to promote regional diving and support the overall dive community. The NYC Sea Gypsies obtained a booth with a video monitor this year and asked members to submit their work for display during the consumer trade show (March 29-31, 2019). I presented these three underwater videos.

Ribbon Eel | Bali Dive Resort & Spa | Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

I filmed this ribbon eel off the coast of Tulamben, Indonesia. Accommodations and dive guides were supplied by Bali Dive Resort & Spa.

Young Sea Turtle | Bonaire

I shot this young sea turtle while I was shore diving near the Salt Pier in Bonaire. Accommodations, truck rental and tanks were supplied by Captain Don’s Habitat.

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