Scuba Diving Barbados

Scuba Diving with Barbados Blue Watersports

I spent a long weekend in Barbados scuba diving with the team at Barbados Blue Dive Center. I lodged at the Hilton Barbados Resort at Needham’s Point in St. Michael, Bridgetown. I selected this hotel because it hosts the dive shop on property.

Also, the dive operator, has earned a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort rating. A PADI 5 Star Dive Center membership level is awarded to progressive PADI Dive Centers that excel in providing dive consumers with a full range of diver education programs, equipment selection, and experience opportunities and that actively promote aquatic environmental awareness.

Conditions were not ideal for diving and videography due to a small tropical storm, so we couldn’t visit many dive sites. However, we observed a lot of marine life underwater at the sites we visited and I would return to Barbados to explore more of the reefs surrounding the island.

My favorite dive site was the Bridgetown refueling pier which hosts a wide variety of fish. Generally, piers and docks act as artificial reefs around the world, hosting an abundance of shallow-water fish. The scuba diving at the pier is suitable for both novice and experienced divers.

Barbados Turtles

Barbados is currently the home to the second-largest Hawksbill Turtle nesting population in the Caribbean. Divers can be assured of seeing a few turtles while diving. Turtle populations have increased tremendously since 1998 due to strict conservation laws in Barbados. It completely illegal to catch any species of sea turtles, or any turtle product such has meat, shell, eggs.

I shot this on a Gopro Hero 6 with a Backscatter filter and Sea Dragon 2500 lights. 2.7K, 60fps, -1EV

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