Arriving At The Dive Resort

Bursting with vibrant energy and an intoxicating sense of anticipation, I arrived at the dive resort on Siladen Island. The warm embrace of the resort staff enveloped me as they welcomed me with genuine smiles, their authentic passion for diving mirroring my own. Their gracious guidance led me to a haven of tranquility—a beautiful, pristine room where the sea breeze whispered tales of captivating adventures.

Resort: Welcome to our lovely island! By the way, you have time to make the afternoon dive.

Me: The room two minutes later. 🤣

“You have the chance to join the afternoon dives.” Joy ignited within me like a constellation of fireworks, delighting in the possibility of submerging into the depths earlier than planned.

It took merely two minutes for my exhilaration to transform the once-lovely room into an organized chaos of scattered dive and camera gear, each item serving as a gateway to an enchanting realm beneath the waves—a realm teeming with vivid coral tapestries, otherworldly creatures, and the mysteries of hidden treasures longing to be discovered.

We spotted this breathtaking Nudibranch. This is the first time I’ve seen this Nudibranch in the wild. I love the red tubercles and white rhinophores and gills.


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