Divers On A Rope

Scuba divers on a safety stop in Beqa Lagoon, Fiji.

Scuba divers on a safety stop

A safety stop is a 3 to 5 minute stop made between 15 and 20 feet (5-6 meters) during the final ascent of a dive. Safety stops are considered mandatory by the majority of scuba training organization for dives deeper than 100 feet or those approaching a no-decompression limit.

3 thoughts on “Divers On A Rope

  1. There have been a few dives where we had to hang onto the ropes during the ascent because the waves were so strong. It is a good thing the ropes were there too. We were bouncing all over the place.

    1. On this dive, divers were encouraged to hold on to the rope after the shark dive. I was trying to get close ups of the remaining curious sharks. So, I was away from the rope.

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