Yellow-Spotted Flatworm (Thysanozoon nigropapillosum)

This is a Yellow-Spotted Flatworm (Thysanozoon nigropapillosum). It is a species of polyclad flatworms belonging to the family Pseudocerotidae. We spotted this lovely creature while diving off the coast of Fiji.

Our dive guide referred to this enchanting invertebrate as a Yellow-Spotted Flatworm. However, it is also referred to as Gold-Speckled Flatworm, Yellow Papillae Flatworm, Yellow-Spotted Polyclad Flatworm and a few other names. A few years ago, I was diving in the Red Sea and the dive guides there referred to it as a Gold-Speckled Flatworm.

Yellow-Spotted Flatworm, Fiji

The day I filmed this clip, visibility was not that great underwater. There was a tropical storm heading towards the island. The storm was pushing sediment into the bay, which slightly reduced visibility. Thankfully, the storm changed direction and went back out to sea.

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