Diving Tiger Shark Zoo – Day 2

Tiger Shark Zoo – Day 2

The video above is from the second day of diving Tiger Shark Zoo. The first day, I was positioned at the end of the site close to the reef. I didn’t realize that I had to quickly jockey for position and beat other divers to the site. While I did get a few great shots on the first day, I was about 25 ft. away from the action.

Today I was in the middle and the Shark came in pretty close… maybe 5-10ft away from me.

The Tiger Sharks seemed to be more curious of scuba divers today. They would come in close and then quickly change direction. It was very exciting to see them.

At the end of the dive, high tide began and brought in some sediment which reduce visibility. It didn’t bother me because the first 20 minutes were fantastic and I booked a weeks of dives. So, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s dives.

Here’s link to day 1 of diving Tiger Shark Zoo.

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