A Few Fun Sea Lion Clips From Los Islotes

Adult sea lion at los Islotes. Mexico sea lion colony.
Adult male exhaling and graciously posing for my camera.

I dipped down to La Paz, Mexico at the end of November to dive mostly at tiny island called Los Islotes. Los Islotes hosts one of the most famous Sea Lion colonies in Mexico.

I’m still working on one complete edit of diving with the sea lions. Below are clips that I have extracted and posted to Instagram. We were diving with the team from The Cortez Club. They put together a nice pack together for us that included airport pick up from Cabo, hotel in the heart of La Paz, diving and lunch.

I’ll provide more details when I post my full recap. However, I highly recommend scuba diving with Sea Lions! It’s such a great experience.

Probably the same sea lion that was chewing on my camera gear decided biting my hood was better.

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