Night Diving in Komodo

Night Diving off the coast of Komodo National Park in Indonesia.

I spent a week aboard the Indo Aggressor based out of the Indonesian city of Labuan Bajo. During the week at sea, guests were offered daily night dives. I dived each night and saw a lot of unique critters and interesting behavior underwater. The video above highlights some of the cool moments during our night dives.

Here’s a list of the creatures featured in the video above.

  1. Decorator Crab
  2. Bigfin Reef Squid
  3. Painted Frogfish
  4. Blue-Spotted Stingray
  5. Spotted Flathead (Crocodilefish)
  6. Needle Cuttlefish
  7. Stingray vs. Cuttlefish
  8. Spanish Dancer (Super Large Nudibranch)
  9. Komodo Reef Octopus
  10. White-Spotted Hermit Crab
  11. Whitemargin Stargazer
  12. Broadclub Cuttlefish
  13. Lacy Scorpionfish (Rhinopias)
  14. Bigfin Reef Squid

I previously posted a few exciting moments during the entire dive trip here. Also, I posted a few photographs from the trip here. In a few weeks, I will post my travel and liveaboard trip report.

I find night dives interesting because you can see animals that you don’t see during the day. Below is a video playlist that hosts a few more night dives from around the world. There are a few interest clips from Roatan, St. Kitts, Raja Ampat and the Bahamas.

Night dives from around the world.

Here’s my underwater camera set-up.

13 thoughts on “Night Diving in Komodo

      1. Hi! I live in NYC so the Caribbean is the closest warm water destination for me. I’ve done a lot of diving in the Caribbean because of its proximity. My favorite islands for diving are Curacao, Grenada and Bonaire.

        I’ve never dived in Cabo but I have dived out of La Paz for Sea Lions and Whale Sharks. Diving with Sea Lions is absolutely fantastic.

        I’ve oddly booked most of my dives this year. I usually wait until last minute. However, it would be great to dive with you in the future.

      2. We too have dived all 3 of the ABC’s. I love them, but Bonaire is the of the 3 for diving. We dive the Caribbean all the time too. I think we are actually diving our of La Paz instead of Cabo too. We are hoping to see some whale sharks. We dived with a sea lion in Catalina, CA, a few years ago., It was definitely pretty cool.

        We usually book our dives in advance. My husband books us months in advance. One day though, we need to dive together. 🙂

      3. Bonaire is definitely better set up for pure diving. I think there are better non-dive options in Curacao – restaurants, nightlife, biking, etc. Miles Jazz Bar is my favorite post night dive destination.

        Enjoy La Paz and GBR! I’m looking forward to reading about your trips.

      4. I agree. Curacao is a good mix of both Bonaire and Aruba. Aruba has more of a party atmosphere. Bonaire is a diver’s delight and Curacao is a good blending of both. We are craving another trip to Bonaiare, but we too already have this year’s trips planned out. Maybe next time. 🙂

    1. Night dives are a lot of fun once you get used to diving in the dark. Many of the day animals are sleeping/resting and an entire new bunch of marine life comes out at night. Typically, life you don’t see in the day comes out a night. It’s important to have good buoyancy so you don’t touch anything accidently.

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