10 Cool Underwater Moments In Komodo

Cool Underwater Moments Diving in Komodo

I spend a few days diving off the Indo Aggressor. We did most of our diving off the coast of the Komodo Island. Next week, I’ll post a full review of my dive liveaboard experience but for now here are my favorite moments underwater from the trip.

  1. Broadclub Cuttlefish – I was able to observe this creature hunt during a night dive.
  2. Reef Manta Ray – There are about 5-10 Manta swimming around the cleaning station.
  3. Bigfin Squid – They are attracted to divers lights and this Squid came very close to my camera.
  4. Feather Star – Swimming through the water column. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.
  5. Painted Frogfish – I heard every see these creatures move. It was fantastic to watch it navigate the ocean floor.
  6. (Juvenile) Many Spotted Sweetlips – Such a interesting creature to observe in the juvenile stage
  7. White Margin Stargazer – This guy was moving about looking for a new home or a new ambush spot. Really cool to see the creature quickly bury itself into the ocean floor.
  8. Spotted Eagle Ray – Such a majestic creature swimming through the water column.
  9. Blue Spotted Ribbontail Ray – During a night dive, this ray was suggesting I film something else. The creature didn’t appreciate my presence.
  10. Peacock Mantis Shrimp – Another creature that didn’t appreciate my presence. I’m so glad it didn’t throw a punch.

Here’s a link to my underwater camera set-up.

13 thoughts on “10 Cool Underwater Moments In Komodo

  1. I’m looking forward to your review of the liveaboard. My wife and I are thinking of going in December. How did it compare to the Red Sea boat? Other than the fact that the Red Sea boat later burned . . .

    1. Lol! Looking past the current state of the RSAI – I would definitely say the Indo Aggressor is still a nicer boat but slightly smaller. However, I don’t think that makes a significant difference especially since you’re traveling with your wife. The crew was fantastic and the food was better than the RSAI. We ate most of our meals outside on the dive deck which was so nice and relaxing. Plenty of shade and no bugs. The boat will be 19 years old in December. The owner does a good job of maintaining the boat. Btw, Ron will be on the boat in March for 10 days. If nothing changes, he’ll probably will confirm my opinion.

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