10 Cool Underwater Moments In Komodo

Cool Underwater Moments Diving in Komodo

I spend a few days diving off the Indo Aggressor. We did most of our diving off the coast of the Komodo Island. Next week, I’ll post a full review of my dive liveaboard experience but for now here are my favorite moments underwater from the trip.

  1. Broadclub Cuttlefish – I was able to observe this creature hunt during a night dive.
  2. Reef Manta Ray – There are about 5-10 Manta swimming around the cleaning station.
  3. Bigfin Squid – They are attracted to divers lights and this Squid came very close to my camera.
  4. Feather Star – Swimming through the water column. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.
  5. Painted Frogfish – I heard every see these creatures move. It was fantastic to watch it navigate the ocean floor.
  6. (Juvenile) Many Spotted Sweetlips – Such a interesting creature to observe in the juvenile stage
  7. White Margin Stargazer – This guy was moving about looking for a new home or a new ambush spot. Really cool to see the creature quickly bury itself into the ocean floor.
  8. Spotted Eagle Ray – Such a majestic creature swimming through the water column.
  9. Blue Spotted Ribbontail Ray – During a night dive, this ray was suggesting I film something else. The creature didn’t appreciate my presence.
  10. Peacock Mantis Shrimp – Another creature that didn’t appreciate my presence. I’m so glad it didn’t throw a punch.

Here’s a link to my underwater camera set-up.

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