Observing Jellyfish in the Red Sea, Egypt

Red Sea Moon Jellyfish off the coast of Egypt.

Here are a few fun facts about Jellyfish

  • Jellyfish swim in large groups called blooms.
  • Not all Jellyfish have tentacles. (Not all Jellyfish sting)
  • Jellyfish do not have brains.
  • A single Jellyfish can release as much as 45,000 eggs each day.
  • Jellyfish never stop growing.
  • Jellyfish mostly east fish eggs, plankton, and fish larvae.
  • A lifeless jellyfish still has the capability to sting.
  • Jellyfish are prey for sea turtles, crabs, dolphins and fish.
Moon Jellyfish in Black and White

I took a few images and converted the into black and white with Final Cut Pro X.

We were diving off the Red Sea Aggressor I and were on the Southern, St. John and Daedalus itinerary.

10 thoughts on “Observing Jellyfish in the Red Sea, Egypt

  1. Wow those are some impressive stats. I’ve always loved the beauty of jellyfish but it does also help to know to use extreme caution as well at their natural defense system. Lovely. When they swim, it’s so peace inducing.

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  2. Nice info and video! I learned to scuba dive in Saudi Arabia when I was 12, so my first open water experiences were in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. On one of our test dives in the gulf, we swam through a bloom of stingless jellyfish. They were so thick, it was like swimming through pea soup!

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      1. Afraid not. I haven’t been back to Saudi since 1990. But we’ve dived in the Azores, Greece, Tanzania, South Africa, the Philippines, Australia, and all over the Caribbean. So we’ve seen some of the same sites.

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