Why We Love Sharks

Sharks have been in existence for the last 400 million years. That’s 200 million years before dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Caribbean reef shark
Caribbean Shark

The whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean.

whale shark
Juvenile Whale Shark

There are almost 400 species of sharks that come in all shapes, sizes and even colors.

Caribbean reef shark
St. Martin Shark

Sharks keep the ocean ecosystem in balance. If sharks disappeared, fish populations could have more disease out breaks and coral could possibly die.

Bahamas reef shark
Bahamas Shark

All sharks have a “sixth sense” – they can sense the electric fields emitted by animals in the surrounding water.

St. Martin reef sharks
Bahamas Shark Feeder

5 thoughts on “Why We Love Sharks

    1. They can nip you if you threaten them. But if you respect them and keep a safe distance you’ll be fine with most sharks. White sharks and Tiger sharks are a different story… they are more aggressive.

    1. Only divers that wanted to feed the sharks had to wear chain mail over their wetsuits. I just had my camera… LOL! I think they paid $1500 for two dives to feed – too much risk and cost for me.

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