Scuba diver taking a photo in the Red Sea

Red Sea Scuba Diver

Red Sea Reef Diving

Thanks to Larry from Summit Divers for the fantastic photo.

I was shooting Pulsating Xenid.

The pulsating xenid (Heteroxenia fuscescens) is a species of soft coral in the family Xeniidae.

Polyps pulsate rhythmically about 40 times per minute. They move their tentacles in a “pumping” or “pulsating” fashion. This function of pulsing is currently undetermined. Some scientists suspect it is a method for the creature to create a current for feeding, respiration, and/or helping to dispose of waste and detritus.

Here’s video of what I was shooting in the above photo.

Pulsating xenid, Red Sea, Egypt

The images in the video was shot with a Panasonic GH5 – Here’s a link to my underwater set-up.

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