Granulated Sea Star

Wildlife Wednesday : Sea Stars

Sea stars are commonly called “starfish” although they are not fish

Sea Stars are marine invertebrates with a central disc and usually five arms.

They are also commonly referred to as Starfish.

There are about 2,000 species of Sea Stars. Color, shape, and size varies however all resemble a star.

They possess the very cool ability to regenerate lost arms and can regrow an entire new limb given time.

They mainly live on sea floors, move at night and feed on microalgae, sponges, bivalves, snails and other small animals.

Here’s a link to my underwater camera rig.

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  1. On our zoom quiz we had a question how many arms does a starfish have. I put six as I had photographed one on the beach with six arms that very day, but five was still proclaimed to be the right answer!

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