Yellow Boxfish spotted in the Maldives

Wildlife Wednesday : Yellow Boxfish

A few seconds with a Yellow Boxfish

The Yellow Boxfish (Ostracion cubicus) is one of my underwater favorites. Its square shaped yellow body with black spots can be easily recognized along coral reefs.

This boxfish was observed in the Laamu Atoll located in the Maldives.

A Few Interesting Facts:

  • When stressed or injured it releases the neurotoxin tetrodotoxin from its skin, which is sometimes lethal to fish in surrounding waters.
  • As the Boxfish ages, the brightness fades and develops into blue-grey/black coloration with faded yellow.
  • It feeds on a wide range organisms such as mollusks, crustaceans, fishes, sand-dwelling polychaete worms and algae.

More images from scuba diving Laamu Atoll in the Maldives can be found here.

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