Flamingo Tongue feeding on a piece of soft coral underwater in the bahamas

Wildlife Wednesday : Flamingo Tongue

Flamingo Tongue attached to a piece of coral
Flamingo Tongue feeding on soft coral.

This is an image of a Flamingo Tongue feeding on soft coral in the Bahamas. Flamingo Tongues (Cyphoma gibbosum) are commonly found on many of the coral reefs in the Caribbean and the tropical western Atlantic. They grow to about 1 inch.

I used a Sealife DC2000 compact camera – here’s a link to my underwater set-up.

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    1. For small things that don’t move that much. I shoot in aperture priority. It allows me to capture a better depth of field. Also, I ask dive guides to move slowly or just tell them I will trail the group while I take images so I’m not rushing.

      1. I shot this on a compact camera – Sealife DC2000. The camera sits on a track with 2 video lights. The extra light helps the camera focus… imho.

    1. Thanks!!!

      Nudibranchs and Flamingo Tongues are classified in the same phylum and class. However, a Flamingo Tongue is not a type of Nudibranch. Nudibranchs shed their shells after their larval stage. Flamingo Tongues grow and maintains their shells and reside on coral throughout their lifetime.

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