Scuba Diving with Sweetlips

The Intriguing Sweetlips!

I was recently reviewing old footage for another project and noticed that I have shot a few different species of Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus). So, I decided to assemble the short video above and add a few fun facts.

Sweetlips are fittingly named after their luscious lips. They belong to the genus of Grunts and are closely related to Snappers. Sweetlips can be easily observed near coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific. There are over 30 different species of Sweetlips. Juveniles often look completely different in comparison to adults. Most Sweetlips coloring and patterning change throughout their lives. They feed on mostly invertebrates at night.

In my diving experience, Sweetlips are not scared of divers. They often will allow divers to get really close which is great if you have a camera. Sometimes, I think they are more interested in divers than divers are interested in them.

The video above was shot over several years on a Gopro Hero 4 Silver, Hero 6 Black and Hero 8 in Indonesia, Oman, Philippines and Thailand. Here’s a link to my current underwater set-up.

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