Sharks in Black & White and Color

Sharks in Black and White – A Underwater Video Experiment

As I mentioned in my last post, I traveled to the Bahamas to dive Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. I met our dive liveaboard charter, the Dolphin Dream in Palm Beach, Florida and sailed first to Grand Bahama Island to clear immigration. We did not spend anytime on land in the Bahamas. We went straight to the dive site after clearing immigration.

Weather conditions and visibility were still not back to normal since Hurricane Dorian. Over the next several days, we were not able to located Tiger Sharks or Hammerhead Sharks in their normal locations during our short trip. However, we did meet a lot of resident reef sharks. I shot these videos on a Sealife DC2000 and a Gopro Hero 6 Black cameras.

While I was editing the underwater footage, I decided to experiment with black and white video. The black and white shark video or short film above was shot completely on my Sealife DC2000 and edited in FCPx. I think sharks presented in black and white appear to be more intimidating then in color videos.

I believe all of the sharks in both videos are Caribbean Reef Sharks. There are about 440 different species of sharks. Please let me know if I mis-identified these sharks.

I hope you enjoy my black and white experiment!

Reef Sharks at Tiger Beach in Color.

The color video shot above was completely shot on a Gopro Hero 6 Black and edited in FCPx. I wish we saw Hammerheads and Tigers but weather cannot be controlled. Hopefully, I’ll have another chance before the season ends to dive with the Hammerhead and Tiger Sharks. Otherwise, I will have to try again next year.

The dive trip on the Dolphin Dream charter liveaboard was organized by a local dive shop located in NYC called Pan Aqua.

Here’s link to my current underwater camera-set up.

4 thoughts on “Sharks in Black & White and Color

  1. Great videos. I prefer the B&W one, perhaps for the reason you mentioned. I hope you’ll get to dive with Hammerheads and Tigers (I’ve only seen the former at quite a distance while snorkelling in the Galapagos). I look forward to those videos!

  2. Awesome, sounds like a good time! I have a buddy who works on Dolphin Dream. Been meaning to get on and take a trip over to do some more shark diving when I’m back in FL 🙂

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