Sharks and Photographers

Scuba divers surrounding circling sharks to take pictures and videos.

2 thoughts on “Sharks and Photographers

  1. Amazing series. We got called out of the water for a 15 tiger shark a few days ago. Reminds me when I inadvertantly cleared the ocean, when I excitedly pointed out a shark to my kids. It was just a harmless leopard shark and I was excited to show the kids, but people heard me say. “Look at the shark!” and panicked. 😉 Sharks seem more aggressive than usual these past few months. And orcas keep eating their livers. Maybe there are not enough fish left in the ocean for all to eat.

    1. Tiger and Bull Sharks can be super aggressive and many dive operators do not know how to manage encounters so the safest thing to do – is to get out of the water.

      The movie Jaws did a disservice to sharks. But I’m glad many people are trying to educate the public about them.

      Humans are definitely taking fish out of the water at an unsustainable rate. So, sharks have to follow the food which is coming closer to the shore. I think most shark bites are mistaken identity. They don’t have hands to figure out if a human playing in the water is a seal or not. And unfortunately, their bite force can be fatal. If human were on the sharks menu people wouldn’t be recovered.

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