Scuba Diving the Reefs of Puerto Morelos

Highlights from a week of scuba diving off the coast of Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Hi! Here’s a short underwater video highlighting the coral reefs of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We spent several days scuba diving along the reef and one day diving in the Cenotes. The coral reefs are in very good condition and there are a lot of schooling fish. Much more schooling fish then I expected. All footage was shot on a Panasonic GH5 in a Nauticam underwater housing.

We also dived the C-53 shipwreck and of course several Spotted Eagle Rays decided to swim around once I was inside the wreck.

The moment I decided to penetrate a shipwreck.

We stayed at Hotel Ojo de Agua and used the on property dive shop – Wet Set Diving Adventure. I’ll post a full review of the hotel and diving experience, shortly.

11 thoughts on “Scuba Diving the Reefs of Puerto Morelos

  1. Wow! Your video captures are so spectacular.
    I was born and grew up by/in the sea. The only creature I don’t recognize is the Slipper Lobster. How amazing is that Creature?
    What you accurately name a porcupine fish. I always thought of as a puffer fish, because when I saw them they were distressed.
    Just amazing videos.
    Thank you.

    1. I love the Slipper Lobsters. Generally, I see them during the late evening or on night dives. It was great to see them out during the day.

      The Porcupinefish and the Pufferfish are very similar in appearance. Generally, I have to look at reference books to make sure I’ve got it right.

  2. If there is one thing that I truly enjoy like no one else, it is being amazed by the wonders of the ocean. I cannot imagine what our beautiful planet would be like if these magnificent works of living art were absent. Without a doubt Puerto Morelos is a paradise that is worth valuing and protecting.

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