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National Sea Slug Day

Today is national Sea Slug Day and one of my favorite sea slugs is the mighty Nudibranch. Nudibranchs are a group of soft-bodied marine gastropod molluscs which shed their shells after their larval stage.

There are over 3,000 different species of Nudibranch. They appear in every ocean and display many different shapes, sizes and colors.

Anatomy of a Nudibranch

Anatomy of a Nudibranch

10 thoughts on “National Sea Slug Day

  1. They are stunning creatures. Did you see the white ones in the Cook Islands, that locals snatch from the ocean, eat the insides while swimming in the water, which look like spaghetti, and then throw the hapless creature back in the sea? They regenerate.

    1. I’ve never touched one underwater but you can see the trail of slime as they move across coral, rock and or sand. I’ve never paid attention to them on land but I live in the city.

    1. It’s funny… When I’m on a dive and I’m not looking for them, I see them all over the place. The dives I decide to look for them… I can’t find any. LOL!

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