Turtle Tuesday – Maldives

Just before a small storm we dropping on to a dive site that is know for Manta Ray sightings. Unfortunately, we did not see any Manta Ray’s on this dive but we did find a few resting Turtles along the reef.

More images from my first dive trip to the Maldives can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Turtle Tuesday – Maldives

    1. Lot’s of places. LOL! Here’s what on the top of my list – Tanzania, Australia, Sudan, Malaysia, Colombia, French Polynesia, etc. I’m just waiting patiently for flight deals to appear and hopefully those deals align with time off from work.

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      1. Hard to believe you haven’t been to the Great Barrier. That’s the first place I went. But I haven’t been to any of those other places you mentioned above, or a lot of the places you’ve blogged about.

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