Turtle Tuesday – Maldives

Just before a small storm we dropping on to a dive site that is know for Manta Ray sightings. Unfortunately, we did not see any Manta Ray’s on this dive but we did find a few resting Turtles along the reef.

More images from my first dive trip to the Maldives can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Turtle Tuesday – Maldives

    1. Lot’s of places. LOL! Here’s what on the top of my list – Tanzania, Australia, Sudan, Malaysia, Colombia, French Polynesia, etc. I’m just waiting patiently for flight deals to appear and hopefully those deals align with time off from work.

      1. Hard to believe you haven’t been to the Great Barrier. That’s the first place I went. But I haven’t been to any of those other places you mentioned above, or a lot of the places you’ve blogged about.

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