Wildlife Wednesday : Shark Diving

About 7 years ago, a local dive shop organized a July dive trip to the Bahamas. The pinnacle dive is a shark feed with Caribbean Reef Sharks. This was a very special dive because it was the first time I decided to shoot underwater video. Prior to this dive, I was focused only on underwater photography.

I’m not sure what triggered me to switch the camera mode and shoot video. Perhaps, it was the first time I saw 15-20 sharks at extremely close range. Since this dive, my priority has been underwater video.

We booked dives with Unexso located on Grand Bahama Island. The shark dive and feeding were led by Christina Zenato who has been studying sharks for more than 20 years.

I shot this on a Sealife DC1400, my first underwater camera. Here’s a link to my current underwater camera set-up.

Scuba diver feeding caribbean reef sharks
Getting really close to caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas

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