Images From My First Safari

We planned a scuba diving trip to observe the annual sardine run off the coast of South Africa. Before we began the sardine run, we decided to spend a week on safari. This allowed us to see some of the fantastic wildlife that South Africa is home to, such as lions, elephants, and rhinos.

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Our safari adventure began at the enchanting Umkumbe Safari Lodge, where the allure of the wilderness greeted us with open arms. Little did we know that the universe had an abundance of surprises in store for us. Within the first two days of our safari, we were blessed with the extraordinary privilege of encountering the “Big 5” – the ultimate safari dream come true!


As we made our way from the airport to the lodge, we were already graced with the majestic presence of two of the Big 5, leaving us eager and excited for what lay ahead. But the highlight of our entire safari experience was an awe-inspiring sighting of a magnificent pride of lions. The moment was indescribable; their regal posture and powerful presence stirred something deep within us.

From the graceful gazelles to the majestic elephants, and from the elusive leopards to the mighty lions, the safari was an enchanting exploration of Africa’s diverse and captivating fauna. Our days were filled with awe and wonder, as we observed these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats, leaving us with cherished memories that will forever hold a place in our hearts.


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