Purple Nudibranch

Also known as the Apolegma Nudibranch (Hypselodoris apolegma) and Apolegma Sea Slug. This nudibranch was spotted off the coast of Puerto Galera in the Philippines. Slowing … Continue reading Purple Nudibranch

Scuba Diving with Sweetlips

I was recently reviewing old footage for another project and noticed that I have shot a few different species of Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus). So, I decided to assemble the short video above and add a few fun facts. Sweetlips are fittingly … Continue reading Scuba Diving with Sweetlips

Big Animals & Compact Cameras

Last February, I presented this video at The New York Underwater Photographic Society (NYUPS). NYUPS is the photographic subgroup of the New York Sea Gypsies. Each month the group meets to share their underwater images. This month the subject was … Continue reading Big Animals & Compact Cameras